North Cyprus

Customs Regulations in the TRNC

Customs Regulations in the TRNC

North Cyprus customs officials are relaxed about items for personal use such as laptops, iPods, musical instruments etc.


You do need to watch your tobacco and alcohol allowances in North Cyprus. Below you will find the allowances in to the TRNC.


Passengers are allowed to bring in the following items free of any customs and duty (for personal use only):

Tobacco products- 400 cigarettes or 500 grams of smoking tobacco
Alcohol - 150 cl of either spirits, wine or beer
Perfumes - 100 cl of perfumes or lotions (any one of)
Non commercial goods worth 75 EURO are free, however anything above may be charged


North Cyprus Controlled items

The following items are controlled items and cannot be exported, nor imported

Controlled drugs (any kind)

Firearms and munitions (including fireworks)


Archaeological goods

Wild animals


Please take care not to attempt to export antiquities orarchaeological goods from Northern Cyprus. There are heavy fines and the threat of jail for removing such items.