North Cyprus

Driving in North Cyprus

Driving in North Cyprus

As in the UK, North Cyprus drives on the left hand side on the road.  Anyone with a driving licence can drive in the TRNC.  You can use your foreign driving licence to drive in the TRNC for up to three months.  Then you will have to get a TRNC driving licence.  If you do not obtain one and have an accident then the car insurance will no longer be valid, it will become null and void. Landmark Estates lists information below.

To obtain a TRNC licence you will need the following:

1.     Passport bearing a residence stamp, a photocopy of photo page and permit

2.     2 passport size photos

3.     Original and a photocopy of the national driving licence

4.     Application form

5.     Fee (depends on validity of licence – 2, 3, or 5 years).  In 2016 a ten year licence is available.




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