North Cyprus

Girne (Kyrenia), North Cyprus

Girne (Kyrenia),  North Cyprus

Kyrenia or otherwise known as Girne in North Cyprus is a charming town known for its beautiful harbor, ancient castle, and relaxed vibe. With its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and waterfront lined with cozy cafes, it's a place where history meets leisure. The town's Venetian-built castle overlooks the harbor, offering stunning views. Visitors enjoy exploring its narrow streets, trying local cuisine by the water, and relaxing on nearby beaches. Kyrenia is a picturesque gem that invites you to unwind and soak in its timeless beauty.



 The Kyrenia area is greener than the rest of Cyprus and has a cooler climate due to the mountains and sea breezes, ideal in the height of summer!


Apart from Girne harbour and the Venetian castle, there’s much else hidden away amongst Girne’s steep serpentine alleys. The Anglican Church, the Cafer Pa┼ča Camii, the Ottoman Cemetery and the Chrysopolitissa Church attest to the spiritual life of the town, there is a tiny Folk Art Museum, and the Bandabuliya (old market) together with a host of shops. Finally, in Girne’s numerous cafés and restaurants you can enjoy socialising with friends or new acquaintances




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